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AI Text and Animation Creation.
AI Text and Animation Creation.

Experience the future of animation with our AI Animation Feature harnessing cutting edge technology to bring your ideas to life effortlessly

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Text-generated artwork is a creative process where artificial intelligence algorithms interpret and transform textual input into visual or multimedia representations. AI analyzes the textual input, extracting semantic meaning, context, and emotional cues, and then generates corresponding images, animations, or other forms of art. This fusion of language and visual elements showcases AI's ability to bridge the gap between human communication and visual expression, resulting in unique and often surprising artworks that reflect the creativity of both AI and its users.

How to Use it?

Generating Text

In the Control panel, you will be able to utilize this functionality on any Plugin that has a Text WYSIWYG. In our example below we are utilizing the People Plugin, but any Plugin with a Text WYSIWYG will allow for this.

In order to get started click on the AI Content (Beta) link in the Text WYSIWYG and then click on "Generate Text"

Under the "Generate Text" portion you will be able to fill out your parameters for the Artwork you are creating. You can choose the following options:
Output Type


Content Summary



Words used

Each one of these has a drop-down menu where you can find even more options to create a truly unique experience.

You will see that with just one word you can have a unique and engaging section filled out!

How to Use it?

Generating Artwork

In order to generate the Artwork, click on "Add Image" and then click on "AI Image"

Under "AI Image" you can select the image type and colors you want to generate:
Hero Image



When ready, click on "Generate" and the AI bot will begin generating your image based on the parameters provided.

Once the image is generated you will have the ability to select it and insert it in your Media Library for use in your mobile App.

If you should have any questions on this functionality, please let us know at and we will be more than happy to help.

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