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Deep Linking in the Context of Plugins

Explore deep linking in plugins direct access to specific plugin sections for improved navigation and user experience, with query string use

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In the context of web development and plugins, deep linking refers to the method of creating a hyperlink that directs to a specific, typically searchable or indexed section within a plugin, as opposed to the plugin's main interface. Similar to how deep links in websites bypass the homepage to target a specific piece of content, deep links in plugins allow users to directly access a particular feature or section. This is particularly useful in enhancing the user experience by streamlining navigation and access.

Use Cases

Deep links are particularly beneficial when there is a need to refer to a specific part or function inside a plugin. They provide a direct pathway to the intended feature, bypassing unnecessary steps or navigation. This is in contrast to action links, which generally link to the plugin itself, not to a specific part within it.


Consider a scenario where you are using a Text WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor plugin with two buttons:

Follow these steps :

  1. Click on insert and add a button

  2. Click on select action

  3. Select the location plugin

  4. Click on save button

The previous steps would link to the plugin itself but if you want to link to a specific section repeat all the steps but before clicking save click on the check box for deep link

Then select the needed content

Then click save

Clicking the first button will lead to this

The second button will lead to this

Query Strings

Deep linking can be further enhanced with the use of query strings. Query strings are used to send additional data to the plugin, which can be read and interpreted by the plugin to provide more tailored content or functionality. For instance, a query string might be used to specify which particular location the deep link should point to within the 'Location' plugin.


Deep linking in plugins is a powerful tool for creating a more efficient and user-friendly interface. By allowing users to navigate directly to specific features or sections of a plugin, deep links save time and improve the overall experience. The addition of query strings further enhances this capability, offering a more customized and precise approach to plugin navigation.

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