Push Notifications Action Item

Customize push notifications for specific actions. Choose recipients (user or groups) with delays and confirmations.

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Push Notifications Action Item:

This new update allows the app owner to set a notification that can be sent to the app owner, other users, or a group of users when an action is performed, to set it up follow these steps:

In this example, we have a button in the WYSIWYG and the action is clicking on that button

  • The Audience can be :

    • Current user: the user who triggers the action will receive the notification

    • Custom Segment: Allow the app owner to specify who receives the notification

      • Based on the user name

      • Based on the Tags

    • Adding one of them is mandatory

  • An action can be linked to the notification

The notification can be delayed after the action is triggered by hours and minutes

A confirmation message will appear to the user after triggering the push notification.
If you should have any questions let us know! We are here to help, Support@buildfire.com.

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