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Differences in the Customer Feedback Plugin & Rate Me Plugin.
Differences in the Customer Feedback Plugin & Rate Me Plugin.

Guide on Customer Feedback & Rate Me: Submit private reviews, manage as admin, see public ratings, add/report items in the app.

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Customer Feedback Plugin


The Customer Feedback feature enables users to leave private reviews and comments. These are not visible to other users but can be accessed and responded to by administrators via the Control Panel (CP).

How to Leave Feedback

  • Access Feedback Form: Locate and click on the "+" sign in the app.

  • Fill Out Form:

    • Rate: Select the number of stars to reflect your rating.

    • Comment: Type in your comment or feedback.

  • Submit: After filling out the form, click on "Submit" to send your feedback.

Administrator Actions

As an app owner or administrator, you can manage user feedback in the following ways:

  • View Feedback: Access user reviews and comments in the CP.

  • Respond to Feedback: Write and post responses to user comments.

  • Manage Feedback: You have the option to delete any feedback.

Rate Me Plugin


The Rate Me plugin allows users to see all ratings publicly. Users can rate items, add new items, provide their own ratings, and report abuse.

User Actions

  • View Ratings: All user ratings are publicly visible.

  • Add Ratings to Existing Items: Users can add their own ratings to items already listed in the app.

  • Create New Items: Users have the option to add new items to the app.

  • Report Abuse: If users notice any inappropriate content or misuse, they can report it for review.

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