As a part of our system maintenance and our service to you, we are making some updates to stay on top of our security protocols and streamline certain processes.

We're doing a ton in the background that you don't have to worry about (yay!), but there is one important step you need to take by July 10th in order to get the updates without experiencing an interruption in your service.

IMPORTANT: What You Need to Do

You need to point your DNS CNAMEs for the following subdomains to

  • App Control Panel

  • White Label Admin Control Panel

  • DIY Sign Up (if applicable)

  • White Label Website (if applicable)

If you're already pointing these CNAMEs to it, #youreawesome #highfive! 

If not, you're still awesome, but you'll need to make this update within two weeks (by July 10th) or you will experience an interruption in service.

How to Update Your DNS Settings

Each service provider is a little bit different regarding the exact steps to update your DNS settings, so you'll want to ask their support team for specifics.

However, it should go something like this:

  1. Log into your domain hosting service account (e.g. GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc.)

  2. Go to your DNS management or domain settings (depending on your provider it could be called something else).

  3. Select your domain under which these subdomains have been added

  4. Click to edit the CNAMEs for your Reseller Admin CP, App CP, DIY Sign Up Page (if applicable), and White Label Website (if applicable)

  5. Make sure they all "Point to"

Though your service provider's support team may have other resources, we've gone ahead and found some of the most common providers' help articles on how to do this:

Hope this helps!

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