There’s no question about it — strides in technology have revolutionized the music and entertainment industry. And in ways more than one. From discovery to distribution to pricing — the changes that have occurred over the last decade have been ground-breaking. We truly believe that mobile apps is the natural next step, and here’s why.

Connect with Your Fans

Apps are to social media as emails are to forums. Apps, like emails, provide a very close and personal form of communication between you and your users. They offer something that social media and forums do not, and that is the sense of a close-knit and exclusive community.

With the Social Plugin, you can create a Social Wall that is essentially like your app’s chatroom. Use it to talk to your fans after an album drop, a video premiere, or a concert. You can even pop in and see what your fans are saying about you, without the fear of it turning into a PR fiasco on Twitter. Whenever someone has interacted with the Social Wall, then they will also receive a notification every time someone else posts there, so everyone is included in the conversation. Through Buildfire, you can build and nurture your community.


One of the coolest parts of having an app is that it it provides you with an easy way to reward your most dedicated fans. How? By sharing exclusive content on it! Announce the launch of a new video or album or your tour dates on it first. Maybe even offer some cool wallpapers exclusively through a download link available in your app. This is all to garner up a community of fans on what is possibly the closest you could get to them outside of seeing them in real life. After that, then you can easily reward them through the app for being loyal fans with the use of notifications to announce new projects, music, and content.

Share Your Media Content

Where else could you have all of your songs, videos, and miscellaneous media content available with just a single tap? Creating a special space on a fan’s phone specifically for your media is immensely helpful in nurturing their enthusiasm for your work.

On Buildfire, you can do this through the Media Center, YouTube, and Vimeo Plugins. Connect your YouTube and/or Vimeo accounts directly into your app, allowing quick and easy access to your videos without having to open up a browser app, type in YouTube, then search for your videos.

Through the Media Center, you can connect audio, video, and text all into one entry. With a couple taps, your fans could switch between listening to a song, watching behind-the-scenes footage, and reading some background information on the song without having to switch between browser tabs. Really — the possibilities are endless in sharing your music.


The most compelling reason to create an app is probably to take advantage of the Notifications feature. You can control the notifications in your app under the Notifications section of the sidebar in the control panel. Send new notifications under the Notification Center, create user groups under Groups, and keep track of your Users under User.

Revenue Stream

The hard part probably isn’t making the music, videos, or entertainment content — it’s how to make money off of doing what you love. This could come in several different forms like selling band shirts, concert tickets, and selling your actual music or content. We have three plugins that could help you here: ECommerce plugin, Events Plugin, and WebView Plugin.

The ECommerce Plugin allows you to link your app to your Shopify account. All you need is the name of said shop and — WHAM — your store will now appear on your users’ phone screens. If you don’t have a Shopify account — no sweat! Signing up is quick and easy. If you already have a mobile-friendly shop on your website, just link it into your app with the WebView plugin. No sweat!

There are two types of Events Plugins, both with the same purpose: being as transparent as possible with your users about upcoming events. The Events Manual Plugin allows you to, manually, input events into your calendar via the Control Panel, while the Event Feed Plugin allows you to sync the calendar up with any iCal link. In entertainment, this is a great way to let your fans know when a local show is coming up and include a link to buy tickets in the corresponding event description box.

Pro Tip: Requiring a login for some of your plugins helps you gather information on your users, thereby allowing you to send notifications to the right users!

Mobile apps aren’t going anywhere and if history dictates anything, it’s that music and entertainment will just follow wherever technology does. So start building your app!

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