Restaurant, fast food or cafe — a mobile app is the perfect companion to your business. Quality service throughout the whole customer experience is arguably just as important as the quality of your food and drinks. This experience can start before they even step in the front door — on their mobile device. On Buildfire, our platform has several features such as a reservation system, ordering system, and loyalty program that could greatly benefit your business.

General Information

When your business is searched for online by a potential customer, the most common searches are most likely for the menu, location, and contact information. To display a Menu, simply create a WebView plugin and insert a Dropbox link to your Menu. For more information on how to do that, click ***here.

To show your location and contact information, you can use the Contact Us plugin. In it you insert a map with your location pinned on it, allowing them to quickly tap on it to open up a maps application with directions there. The Contact Us plugin also allows you to input your phone number, email address, social media, and other communication channels, all available at your user’s fingertips. Clicking on your phone number will open up their phone app, your email address will open up their email app, and so on and so forth.


The way to make a reservation in the past was to call in, talk to a busy host or associate, discuss an open time to make a reservation, and then book it. While some restaurants allow for reservations to be made online now, it’s still not quite as convenient as simply taking a phone out of their pocket, opening an app, tapping on Reservations, then visually making a reservation on an open calendar slot. With our OpenTable Plugin, integrated with Open Table, you improve your customers’ experience by doing just that.

Food Ordering

The same idea for reservations goes for ordering food to-go. A call or need to do it online doesn’t give the same sleek and fluid experience to the customer as doing it via an app does. Simply add a WebView plugin and insert a link to a food ordering website at which you have an account.

If you prefer that they call you to place an order, no sweat. Just create a Contact Us plugin, name it “Order Here”, and place it on your Home Plugin and Side Menu. The Contact Us plugin allows you to input your phone number (and other contact information), so a phone call is literally just a tap away.

Loyalty Program

Ever wanted to simulate the way Starbucks does their Loyalty program, but without the need for hole-punching physical cards that get lost at the bottom of purses and cars anyway? We know how important it is to build up a loyal customer base, in fact a repeat customer is ***more likely to continue to come back and shop with you time and time again. That’s why we built a plugin specifically for that purpose. With the Loyalty Plugin, you can create different tiers that your customers can reach with points they can accumulate by doing specific behaviors (such as spend a certain amount of money or buy a specific dish or drink).


The most compelling reason to create an app is probably to take advantage of the Notifications feature. You can control the notifications in your app under the Notifications section of the sidebar in the control panel. Send new notifications under the Notification Center, create user groups under Groups, and keep track of your Users under User.

Pro Tip: Requiring a login for some of your plugins helps you gather information on your users, thereby allowing you to send notifications to the right users!

Service is one of the most important aspects of being in the food industry. You’ve worked hard to perfect the experience in your restaurant. Why not extend that to your customer’s phones too?

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