How Do I Show My Instagram Account In My App?

Social media can be a great way to reach out to and engage with your users, and the great news is, is that you can bring your social media pages into your app with our Facebook and Twitter features. In this article we’ll go over how to show your Instagram account in your app.

How To Show Your Instagram Account In Your App

Due to a recent change in Instagram’s code, you will have to use the WebView feature to display your Instagram account. Let’s go over how to use this amazing feature to show your Instagram account in your app.

Step 1: Create a New Instance of the WebView Feature and Add it to Your App

You’ll want to use the WebView feature to show your Instagram account in your app. If you don’t know how to create a new instance of a feature, we have a dedicated article on how to do so which you can find here.

Once you have created a new instance of the WebView feature place it where you want it in your app.

Step 2: Place your Instagram Account’s URL Into the “URL” Field and click “Validate”

Now that you have created a new instance of the WebView feature, grab your Instagram account’s URL and place it in the “URL” field.

Then click “Validate”.

Step 3: Select “In App Popup Window”

Once the URL has been successfully validated make sure you select the “In App Popup Window” setting in order for your Instagram account to display properly.

Congratulations! Users will now be able to view your Instagram account in your app!

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Pro Tip: Along With Your Account, You Can Also Show All Posts With A Specific Hashtag In Your App

Along with allowing you to view all of a user’s posts via their Instagram account, Instagram allows you to see all posts with a specific hashtag. If you would like to display posts with a specific hashtag all you need to do is search for that hashtag on Instagram’s website:

Then paste it into the URL field just like you do for your Instagram account.

Voila! Your users can now see all posts with that hashtag! Just make sure you have the WebView set to In App Popup Window.

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