The Review And Approve Feature Tutorial

This feature allows you to review and approve or reject user’s submitted images in your app

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What is the Review and Approve Feature?

With the Review and Approve Feature users can exchange images and comments with your staff for review and approval. This can be used in a number of different ways such as giving users the ability to send photos and information on their car that they’re looking to sell to prospective used car dealerships.

In this article we’ll go over some of the ways that the feature can be used, how to set up the feature in the App Dashboard, how users and reviewers interact with the feature, some pro tips that we think will help you take full advantage of this feature, as well as some additional articles that we think you should check out. First let’s go over some additional use cases for this feature.

What are some use cases of the Review and Approve Feature?

We’ve already mentioned one way that this feature can be used, but there’s a number of other creative ways that the Review and Approve feature can be utilized in your app! Some of them are:

  • Hunting and Outdoors Apps: Hunters out in the field can submit photos of potential game for approval to kill before they proceed with the hunt. This can help keep the game population in balance and give field scientists a scope of the wildlife out in the land.

  • Real Estate and Rental Apps: You can use this feature to allow landlords to share photos and information about their properties that are for rent or give real estate agents the ability to show off their latest properties for sale.

  • Insurance Apps: Users can submit photos of their claims to be reviewed and approved by insurance agents to help expedite the process.

  • Recipe and Restaurant Apps: Users can upload photos and information of their favorite restaurant’s dishes to help get the word out, or if they love to cook they can submit their favorite recipes to share with everyone else using the app.

How Do You Set Up the Review and Approve Feature and How is it Used in Your App?

In the introduction we mentioned that the Review and Approve feature allows your users to upload images and information about them to your app where they’re then reviewed by your team. Before we go over how to set up the Review and Approve feature it’s important to remember that there’s two types of users interacting with this feature Submitters and Reviewers.

Submitters can submit images and view other user’s submissions but can’t approve or reject submitted images.

Reviewers are users who have the required permissions to approve or reject submitted images.

Keeping this in mind will help you in setting up the feature as well as gives you a better idea of how it’s used when we go over that later in this article. Now let’s go over how to set up the Review and Approve feature. For this article we’re using the example of users (Submitters) submitting images of their used cars that they’d like to sell to a used car dealership (Reviewers).

How to Set Up the Review and Approve Feature

Most of the Review and Approve feature is already set up for you but there’s a couple of settings that you may want to adjust so that the feature can better fit your app. Once you’ve added the feature to your app the two tabs of the Review and Approve feature that you’ll want to focus on are the “Settings” and “Language” tabs:

The Settings Tab

In the Settings tab you’ll see a toggle that allows you to turn on and off the option for Reviewers to give a submitted image a status of Approved or Rejected:

Underneath that you’ll see the “Reviewer Tag” field.

This is where you specify which user tag that you want to use to define which app users are approved to be Reviewers. By default the tag is “Reviewer”. If you make changes to either the Approve and Reject toggle or the Reviewer Tag make sure you click “Save” underneath them to save your changes.

After you’ve decided on what you want to use as your Reviewer Tag you’ll need to make sure to apply that tag to the users that you want to have as your Reviewers in the Users tab of the App Dashboard. If you don’t know how to apply tags to users we encourage you to check out our dedicated articles on the User Management and Tagging system.

The Language Tab

In the Language tab you can change different phrases and terms used within the Review and Approve feature as well as the notifications that are sent to both Submitters and Reviewers. The Entity Details section is where you define the terms used in the submission and review processes:

You can even change the terms “Approve” and “Reject” if you’d like, which when changed are updated in the App Dashboard as well. The Push Notifications section is where you specify what you want the push notifications that are sent to Submitters and Reviewers to say:

Make sure to click on “Save” at the bottom of the Language tab in order to save your changes:

Next let’s go over how the Review and Approve feature is used within your app.

How the Review and Approve Feature is Used in your App

When users first open the Review and Approve feature in your app it looks fairly sparse:

To upload an image all Submitters need to do is tap on the Plus (+) button in the lower right hand corner of the screen:

This will take them to the Image Upload screen:

When they tap on the camera icon the image library of their phone will open up where they can select one or more images to upload.

They can then add information about the uploaded images such as where the photo was taken in the “Location” field or provide additional information about the photo in the “Notes” field:

Once they’ve uploaded their image(s) and added all of the information that they want to, they tap on “Save” to submit the photo.

This will trigger a notification that’s sent to all Reviewer users letting them know that there’s been a new submission in the feature. From here the Submitters wait until their submission has been reviewed and approved or rejected.

When the Reviewer opens the feature after receiving a push notification they’ll see all of the submissions that are pending review which is easy to see by the status that displays underneath the image:

They then tap on the submission that they want to review which will take them to the Review Screen for that submission. Here they can view information about the Submitter as well as the information that they included with their submission:

If that item had previously been submitted the Reviewer can combine it with the previous submission by tapping on “Add To Existing” where they’ll then select which of the previously submitted items to combine it with. Doing so will automatically change the status of the more recently submitted image and will combine the two submissions into one.

In the Review screen the Reviewer can add additional information regarding the submission, give it the status of Approved or Rejected (or whatever terms you defined in the Language tab of the feature in the App Dashboard), as well as mark it as processed.

Once the Reviewer has completed their review they then tap “Save”:

The Submitter will receive a push notification letting them know that their submission has been reviewed and the submission’s “Pending” status will be removed.

As the feature receives submissions over time users are able to Filter and Sort through the submissions using these options at the top of the Review and Approve feature:

They can filter submissions by status as well as filter out everyone else’s submissions if they only want to see the images that they’ve submitted:

And they can Sort the submissions by age or submission date:

Congratulations! You now know how the Review and Approve feature is used in your app as well as how to set it up! Next let’s go over some Pro Tips that we think will help you make the feature your own.

What are some Pro Tips you should know to help take your app to the next level?

Having worked with apps for years, we’ve learned a thing or two. So, to both help your app stand out and help you take full advantage of the Review and Approve feature, here are some tips you should consider.

Pro Tip 1: You can sell access to the Review and Approve feature

With in-app purchases and subscriptions you can charge users a fee to access the Review and Approve feature. This is perfect for apps that are looking to use the feature as a way for people to sell goods. You can learn more about how to turn your app into a revenue stream here.

Pro Tip 2: Think of creative ways to use other features in conjunction with the Review and Approve feature

There’s a number of different features that you can use in conjunction with the Review and Approve feature to help enhance it such as the Premium Social Wall which gives users a forum of sorts where they can discuss each other’s submissions. Go through the features that we offer and think of ways that they can be used to not only enhance your user’s experience with the Review and Approve feature, but your entire app.

Pro Tip 3: Utilize the Language Settings to customize the feature to your app’s specific needs

We encourage you to go through the Language Settings to help tailor the Review and Approve feature to your app’s needs. Not all apps need the status of a submitted item to be “Approved” or “Rejected”. Not only does customizing the Language settings of the feature help make it more unique to your app, but it can help enhance your user’s experience when in your app.

Pro Tip 4: Think outside of the box when looking at ways to utilize the feature for your app

When you’re working on the Review and Approve feature think about creative ways that you can use it. Have an app for your Zoo? You can use this feature to encourage people to submit images of their favorite animals along with facts they find interesting. Pairing this with the Reviewer’s ability to combine submissions means that you can quickly amass a user-submitted library of fun animal photos and facts within your app! Not only does this grow your user’s knowledge, but it also helps add a layer of interactivity to your app keeping your users engaged.

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