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Setting Up Your White Label Account Lesson 5: User Management
Setting Up Your White Label Account Lesson 5: User Management
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In this lesson we’ll go over how to manage users on your platform. This includes team members and White Label clients.

The subjects covered in this article are:

  • What the User Management Section is

  • How to add a new user

  • How to reset a users password

  • How to manage user accounts

What User Management Section is

The User Management section is where you are able to control all your team members and your clients that were, are and will be working on apps.

When you go to the section, you will find a list of all the users who have access to your apps and/or your White Label platform. Here you can search for a user, sort this list, reset password, manage user accounts and add new users.

Add a New User

Adding a new user to the White Label dashboard or an application is done the same way.

To add a new user:

Step 1: Click “Add New User”

Step 2: Enter email (this will be their username on the platform as well)

Step 3: Enter First and Last Name

Step 4: Choose their status

  1. Active allows them to have access to the apps on the control panel

  2. Inactive will remove access to the apps on the control panel

Step 5: Choose an app role

  1. App Admin provides access to the entire App Control Panel

  2. App Owner provides access to the entire App Control Panel except for User Management

  3. App Editor can only add and edit content, but cannot publish anything

Step 6: If you want your user to have access to your White Label platform, click “White Label Admin”

  1. Note: remember, you are a White Label admin. Only add this for users if you are comfortable with them having the same level of access that you have.

Step 7: Choose what app(s) you want them to have access to by searching for the name.

Step 8: Click “Save”

Once you create a new user and add them to an app on your dashboard, they will receive an automated email notification from your support address with the necessary login credentials to access your system and/or the app(s) you have given them access to.

How to reset passwords

If a user forgets their password, click “Reset” next to their name and they will receive an automatic non-branded email to let them create a new password.

How to manage user accounts

By clicking on “manage” next to a user’s name, you can make changes to your user’s accounts, such as:

  • Change their name

  • Reset their password

  • Activate/Deactivate their Account

  • Add/Remove access to the White Label Platform

  • Change their App Roles

  • Add/Remove access to apps

This concludes our first lesson where we went over how to add new users, reset user passwords and manage user accounts.

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